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My career in photography started when I was young and spans over 20 years.  Before I became a professional photographer, I was a high achieving educator.  For many years I was a 4th grade teacher and a Special Education high school teacher.  I enjoyed being in front of the classroom and inspiring the young minds of our future.  I still have a passion to educate children and continue to teach full-time.  Beyond the classroom, I excelled as a manager where I successfully supervised and oversaw after school programs for multiple school districts.  Ultimately, the combination of the two helped me catapult those talents to a college administrator and instructor position.  As I enjoyed that chapter in my life, there was an empty feeling yearning to be filled.  After careful consideration, it wasn’t until my passion for photography really excelled and the numerous accolades that I got from family and friends gave me the confidence to start my own photography business.