Hello and thank you for taking the time to learn more about me with R&R Photography.  Within the last ten years as a photographic artist, my photography has the intent of being honest with creative compositions and realism to special moments.  I hope you have enjoyed my wedding photography portfolio.  If you Google search R&R Photography and/or Monterey Bay Wedding Photography, my Facebook page, blog and website are possibly on the first page with lots of information that may differentiate my style and approach from the other photographers that you may have come across.  While I don’t talk about myself, here is a list of accomplishments that should be mentioned for this profile.

  • I have been in business since 2008.
  • My approach to wedding photography is photo-journalistic and candid.
  • My reviews on Yelp! and Facebook are honest and come organically from happy brides and grooms.
  • My customer service is equally important as the images I produce.

My career in photography started when I was young and spans over 20 years.  Before I became a professional photographer, I was a high achieving educator.  For many years I was a 4th grade teacher, Special Education high school teacher, and Physical Education teacher.  I enjoyed being in front of the classroom and inspiring the young minds of our future.  Beyond the classroom, I excelled as a manager where I successfully supervised and oversaw after school programs for multiple school districts.  Ultimately, the combination of the two helped me catapult those talents to a college administrator and instructor position.  As I enjoyed that chapter in my life, there was an empty feeling yearning to be filled.  After careful consideration, it wasn’t until my passion for photography really excelled and the numerous accolades that I got from family and friends gave me the confidence to start my own photography business. 

As I began to shoot more portraits, engagements and weddings, I realized that dreaming a new dream can happen.  Through my recent accomplishments, I never thought for a moment that I’d be a fabric of the local wedding photography scene and overall wedding industry in the Monterey Bay.  I believe my blessings with wedding photography come from passion, drive and curiosity.  My perspective on how to take photographs is unique and come from years of studying photography, practice and refinement.  I absolutely enjoy shooting engagements and weddings for the Monterey Bay area for wonderful people. 

I understand how difficult it is to choose the best wedding photographer for you.  As the advancement of technology makes it more accessible for anyone to own a camera, my work is not about the technical features of my DSLR but rather capturing your special moments so you may remember them for the rest of your life together.  I often communicate with brides and grooms through email, text, social media and over a cup of coffee.  I want to hear how you envision your wedding day and how my style of photography will best fit.  For me, I joke about how selfish I am in trying to capture the very best moments of your wedding day.  These stolen moments are what I continuously seek as those details are the fabric that holds the rest of your wedding day together.

Please continue to enjoy my website and Instagram.  I often share thoughts about wedding photography but also showcase recent work so you may see the consistency of having a profession photographer to cover your special event.  Contact me anytime should you have questions or concerns. 

Thank you always,

Randy with R&R Photography

Want to meet Randy with R&R Photography?  Watch "Meet Your Wedding Crew" and enjoy.