End of a Wedding Season

October 14, 2014  •  2 Comments

With 2 weddings left to photograph this calendar year, autumn is upon us.  I’m fond of October as it always brings back good memories of when I was a 4th grade teacher.  Imagine student’s nestled in their desks working away with Math and History and a cool-warm breeze floating through.  With the leaves on the trees not yet deciding to show their beautiful foliage yet, it doesn’t mean that the good parts of the fall have not started.  There’s my favorite baseball and football games to watch (go Giants and Niners), spending more family time enjoying our local Indian Summer and also my time to take a quick breather.  I enjoy taking this month to reflect on my experiences and review my recent photographic body of work.  While I take every photo assignment as if it’s my one and only, I try to create the best images I can.  I love to create expressive photographs and may also be my worst critic.  It’s really a blessing to enjoy wedding photography so much as a labor of love.  I’m truly honored to be blessed with this skill, craft and talent.

I’ve had a wonderful wedding season meeting so many wonderful people, so many beautiful venues and golden sunsets.  I think I have captured some of my favorite wedding photographs within these past months.   With the weddings I photograph, there is always something special happening.  There are this special moments of love and adoration that only a camera and a master photographer can capture.  I attempt this feat whenever my eyes are behind the lens.  Past all the decorations and flowers comes family and friends who are blessed with two people who truly love each other.  Getting married is a day of happiness and love and to be captured artistically and naturally.  These are my favorite kind of weddings.  I love to photograph expressions as they are happening.  I love to be a fly on the wall and see how happiness unfolds in front of my camera. 

This autumn, an old-new project has resurfaced.  I really enjoy photographing people.  That’s a solid foundation for my success as a wedding photographer, so in part the next evolution for R&R Photography is to include family portraiture.  The history of family portraits began even before the Renaissance period filled with vanity.  In recent times, people take family portraits to share them with family and friends on their social media.  I’ve enjoyed making great photographs for my family and have made it a family tradition to do this every year.  This extends my brother and sister’s immediate family as well.  So now, more than ever, I have started a new endeavor as a family portrait photographer serving the Monterey Bay area.  So if you are interested in great family photographs this holiday season, please don’t hesitate in contacting me.  We can meet over a cup of coffee and collaborate on making your family portrait session special.  I look forward to meeting more people and share my unique style of portraiture to the world, or maybe around these parts. 


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