The Perry House in Monterey, California; Alyssa and Joseph

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The morning of the bride's wedding day.Watch Alyssa as she gets pampered and prepared for her wedding day. The Monterey Bay weather for shining bright and her wedding venue at The Perry House eagerly awaits. Black and White Wedding PhotographyAlyssa is such a beautiful bride and the black and white finish makes this wedding photograph an instant classic. Her Wedding VeilHer wedding veil definitely makes everything put together well. From her beautiful hairstyle and make up down to her wedding dress and wedding shoes. Photojournalistic ApproachMy wedding photography approach is similar to an editorial photojournalist. I enjoy capturing off-beat moments as these capture special moments that don't happen often. When Your Phone Doesn't Stop RingingI often notice that the bride to be often gets a bunch of text messages and calls hours before the actual wedding. Here is a great photo of when her hubby to be shoots over a text message. What does it say? As this was my first 2015 wedding that I’ve photographed and with a new year come new beginnings and what’s better than getting married on January 1st?  That’s what Alyssa and Joe did on the first day of 2015!  Their wedding was nestling in a quiet corner of Monterey and a stone’s throw away from Fisherman’s Wharf .  The winter chilled air did warm up as the day floated along.  As I arrived at Alyssa’s home a few hours before the wedding ceremony, the bridesmaids and make-up artist was already sharing stories from the night before.  After unassumingly listening to their New Year’s Eve after-after parties, I know the party continued into today’s wedding.  Alyssa was great as she not only was referred by a past bride of mine, she also worked with my wife a couple years ago.  That definitely broke the ice and the rest, as they would say, is history.  Alyssa looked absolutely gorgeous in her wedding dress.

Joe and Alyssa got married at the beautiful Perry House in Monterey.  The Perry House is the perfect venue for the most intimate California style weddings.  Only a limited number of family and close friends were invited to their special event.  I absolutely loved their intimate setting!  One of my favorite moments from the wedding day was the few minutes on the top floor where it was only Alyssa and her father.  While not too many words were spoken, the room was filled with emotions of love and happiness.  Alyssa’s father looked at her like she was still his  “little girl” and then checked on the rest of their eagerly waiting guest and most importantly, Joe.  I couldn’t be more excited to blog about this moment as I was taking a photograph of it. 

Guests were entertained with one of my favorite DJ’s, Evan with DNA. We also had one of the BEST first kisses and I couldn’t be happier to capture it in their photos. I love how the black and white help capture the moment. Another unique aspect to their wedding was listening to Alyssa’s father play the guitar and mother singing during the wedding and at the reception. It was very cool to photograph that! Congratulations Alyssa and Joseph! Thank you SOOO much for having me as a part of your wedding in Monterey. Wishing you both a future filled with so much love, laughter, and more adventures.  Don’t forget to visit my Facebook to see sneak peeks of recent weddings and engagements and the latest updates with R&R Photography. Bridesmaid Dresses at the Perry House in Monterey, CalifoniaRight before the wedding ceremony, I had the opportunity to photography the bridesmaids dresses. They were hung so neatly in the master bedroom. The Wedding Dress at the Perry House in Monterey, CaliforniaI love being creative so why not hang the wedding dress from the master bedroom chandelier at the Perry House in Monterey, California. The sunny day also help brighten the bedroom mood. The Perry House Getting ReadyAs the bride is getting ready upstairs at the Perrry House, the rest of the staff are putting the final touches to a very special day. The Wedding Cake at the Perry House in Monterey, CaliforniaAlyssa and Joseph's wedding cake was not only sweet and fluffy but looked absolutely delightful. Their customized props also brought a personal touch to their Winter season wedding. The Wedding Cake Wedding cake traditions go even farther back than wedding photography. The good thing is we can now remember of beautiful the wedding cake as well as tasting it. The Father of the Bride at the Perry House in Monterey, CaliforniaHere's another instant classic as the father of the bride prepares moments away from walking his gorgeous daughter down the wedding aisle. Wedding Rings in HandThis is such a powerful wedding photograph as the father of the bride holds the wedding rings. One may see the wrinkles in his hands as a sign of age, but more importantly a sign of life. Alyssa at the Perry House in Monterey, CaliforniaAlyssa looks absolutely amazing in her wedding dress and veil. Her smile brightens the room and the anticipation of getting married is getting bigger by the second! You Moments Should Be CapturedWithout saying a word, I captured this moment of Alyssa and her father sharing the excitement. A proud father indeed as her wedding took place at the Perry House in Monterey, California. The Father of the Bride in Black and WhiteAs the father of the bride watches all the guest finding their seats, Alyssa checks the time. This black and white photograph shows the moment of anticipation. The Perry House in Monterey, California.


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