Developing Your Own Film

October 26, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Developing your own film can be the end piece of truly creating a photograph.  Now I know with the factors of digital photography, ease of sharing pictures via social media and the craftsmanship of 35mm and medium format film it may not be for everyone.  Even master photographers have veered away from film photography but the essence of creating a photograph from start to finish has a therapeutic and emotional release.  The idea of developing your own film gives bigger sense of completion.  While post-editing in Photoshop may be more of the norm, there is still an art to taking a roll of film and manifesting it to a deeper layer.  Take in point these photos of my children.  Kayla (above) is 10 years old.  A decade later what will be the state of film photography?  A lost art or losing art form?  None the less, I will continue to develop my own film as well as work in the digital realm but the concept of photography is to created a photo from start to finish.  How one does that is individualized but for the bigger purpose of art, involves mastery and craftsmanship. 



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