Try a Photo a Day Project

September 12, 2012  •  5 Comments

The concept is pretty simple.  Take at least one photo everyday for the next year (365 days).  Now accomplishing it may be the challenge and really the enjoyment if you're a serious shutterbug.  Every wake up and think, "What photograph am I taking today?" Okay maybe too extreme but the ability to take a photo a day can be fun and stress free.  I encourage everyone to try it and see how long you can last.  One may agree that life is art.  If that's the case, then there should be artistry within an arm's reach of you.  Now we all can't shoot weddings every weekend but the beauty of photography is expression emotion, a particular subject or exposing dramatic scenes.  It's all there when you know the right place to look.  See photography cinematically like a movie.  Then one may find what's worth taking a photo of.  You can also try taking more than one photo through out the day and choosing the best one to present.  That's easy.  So go ahead, pick up any device that captures a picture and shoot away!


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