Approach to Bridal Portraits

January 31, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

When photographing brides, it's important to make sure that signature photographers capture their honesty and joy.  Often enough, it isn't hard to make a bride smile during her wedding day so it makes our job that much easier.  R&R Photography loves to find quirky spots that may not initially look like a picturesque spot until you see the final product.  This is where trust between the bride and photographer is important.  Photos like these don't come as natural when you doubt the creativity of your wedding photographer.  When deciding on a wedding photographer, think about their approach to weddings.  If they match with yours, then you have a pretty good fit for some fantastic photographs.  Your wedding day should be filled with fun, laughter and joy.  Don't you think your photos should reflect the same thing?  With R&R Photography, it's our priority to show those moments in an artistic and cinematic way.


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