Lorena and Luis Hollister Church Wedding

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Hollister, California church wedding

l have always enjoyed shooting a wedding for younger couples like Luis and Lorena.  Their energy and open-mindedness to have a photographer like ourselves to be totally creative but also taking the traditional formal photos are a good balance towards wedding photography.  Since we first met them at a local coffee shop in Salinas earlier in 2013, wedding advisement have been consistent with open lines of communication.  Often Lorena would ask about the timeline of a wedding day and for the most part, R&R Photography likes to accommodate but we will share our experience as we shoot a good number of weddings each year. 

Ideally, R&R Photography would like to shoot all the formal wedding entourage and family photos prior to the ceremony.  As wedding tradition, the bride and groom don’t normally see each other prior to the ceremony but many of our clients are now open to seeing each other with a great wedding photo opportunity that we call “the first look”.  Imagine blindfolding the groom and having his bride stand either beside him or behind him.  With careful directions, R&R Photography will document the moment of having the groom see his bride for the first time and often enough resulting in tears from both the bride and groom.  In all cases, this is a great moment to remember. 

While the typical first look in a church wedding is having the groom look at his immediate future wife down a church aisle, it is important for wedding photographers to place themselves where they can capture that moment sincerely and without disruption of the procession.  R&R Photography ranks this moment as an important photograph.  Through the church wedding mass, we also take our time in capturing the most significant moments while being considerate of the pastor’s request of not taking photographs during the most important mass activities.

Once the wedding is complete and after a few minutes of receiving wedding congratulations, the bride and groom are whisked back into the church for formal photos as requested.  R&R Photography is great in preparing all the necessary lighting and posing so these photographs are time efficient but also organized so more family photos can be taken.  In all, R&R Photography understands the significance of these formal photos as it is a long time staple in wedding photography. 

Overall, Luis and Lorena were a great joy to work with as R&R Photography was lucky enough to shoot their engagement photos in beautiful San Francisco.  Luis, a die-hard San Francisco Giants fan, wanted their first location to be at AT&T Park.  Their wedding and reception was beautifully set in Hollister, California.  Thank you to Luis and Lorena for having R&R Photography as your engagement and wedding photographer.  We wish all the best and happiness. Hollister, California church wedding


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