Teaming Up

November 20, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

When introducing R&R Photography, many people may ask what R&R stands for.  “That’s easy, it’s for Randy and Ron or Ron and Randy, depending who you asking.”  Funny enough, that humor is what brought this high school friendship to close to 20 years now.  Ron and I have been close since high school with both living in the San Francisco Bay Area in the mid-1990s and then reuniting back home in Salinas.  While Ron my solid second shooter of the team, he definitely has enough experience to shoot on his own.  In addition, Ron enjoys taking photos that may be off beat as he tends to work with longer focal lengths and plays a more subtle role as a wedding photographer.  Feel free to reply to R&R Photography’s Twitter and Yelp accounts as he maintains those social networking channels.

Since 2010, R&R Photography has been looking for videographers that would work well with our style of photography and personalities.  While we never have any issues with other wedding videographers, like photography, each artist comes to a wedding with how they want to interpret the day’s events.  This past year, we were lucky enough to work with Steven Garza of Higher City Films.  Ron and I met Steven from a previous job we worked at and while Steven was reluctant to film weddings, he know that Ron and I were having fun with wedding photography and becoming more successful at it.  It wasn’t until 2012 that Steven took the leap into video wedding photography for a fellow friend and co-worker that needed his services from a fall out with his videographer.   R&R Photography   R&R Photography

Steven’s work has evolved since that first wedding and he continues to present an artistic approach towards wedding photography that may not always be apparent.  I’ve enjoyed working with him and watching how creative he can be with a video DSLR.  Since then, Steven has grown into his own team with High City Films enlisting his wife, Alyssa, at times but more with his cousin, Tommy who is the kid of the bunch.  Tommy has been fun to work with as he is considering studying photography in college.  I look forward to seeing what he has learned from hanging out with us and what he learns in a formal setting.

In all, I can’t ask for a better team to work with.  It’s always enjoyable to have friends working side by side.  I become more comfortable and confident knowing there is a strong supporting cast of creative that continually pushes boundaries within photography and themselves.  This inspires me to be even more different and to shoot weddings within my own freedom.  As a result comes beautiful photo journalistic wedding photographs that our clients can enjoy for a lifetime. R&R Photography


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