Paul and Nina

June 03, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

This Memorial Day weekend was all about travel, enjoying great scenery and meeting an unforgettable bride and groom and their family.  From the start, I was excited to hear about their wedding plans and visualizing how I would shoot their engagement and wedding in Lake Tahoe.  Since Nina was in constant contact with me up to the date, many of my fellow wedding photographers feared that she was a potential bridezilla.  Once hearing that I merely scoffed at the notion and told them "I have a gut feeling that this couple will be absolutely fine and more enough prove how great they are."  Plus they were referrals from a recent bride and I know Amanda wouldn't steer me wrong. =)  The whole weekend was absolutely fun driving around the lake and taking some amazing photographs of these two.  I definitely wanted to capture the beauty of the landscape, play with shadows from historic pines and evergreens but also show the love Paul and Nina had for each other.  Congratulations again and we'll see them again in 2014! =)


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