Tim and Athena's Wedding in Hollister, California

October 02, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

In this day and time in wedding photography, it’s very important to have the bride and groom actually like their professional photographer.  Crazy I know, but too often I come across fellow wedding photographers who mention their lack of connection with their brides and grooms.  As a result, while their wedding photographs are technically correct but there is many more that lack expression or honest untamed emotion.  Now this may be over the edge for many of my shutterbug readers but more often establishing great lines of communication between the photographer and client is paramount.  I mention this every time I meet with brides and grooms regarding my wedding photography and the services of R&R Photography. 

            I met Athena and Tim as a customer referral from Steven at Higher City Films.  Steven and I have been working closely for the last couple of years.  His talent and approach to wedding cinematography is inspiring and reminds me of myself a few years ago.  Tim and Athena were great to meet from the start.  She mentioned her background in journalism and his love for motorcycles.  Instantly, I thought it would be great to incorporate his bike into the engagement photo session.  They liked the idea and after a couple more meetings and answering all their questions, R&R Photography and Higher City Films were in. 

As always, I’m excited when we earned our client’s trust and confidence to be their professional wedding photographer.  It was great to also do Tim and Athena’s engagement photos with his motorcycle a few weeks prior to the wedding.  Their wedding day started out great.  We arrived at their home and were welcomed by the mother and grandmother of the bride and bridesmaids.  Athena was so great as she prepared all the ceremonial wedding objects on her bed and I quickly got creative and started to take photographs of her wedding dress, high-heel shoes and all things wedding.  I definitely won the women’s respect as a photographer after showing them some of the photos from my camera.

Tim and Athena’s ceremony was absolutely beautiful.  It was nicely located in the rolling hills near Hollister.  While the sun was shining bright there was not a cloud in the sky to offer some shade and relief.  The weather was warm and set the beginning to a gorgeous sunset later.  As Tim and Athena began their ceremony of matrimony, I can see many smiles from their family and friends.  The vows were exchanges in harmony and laughter.  They truly showed their love for one another and it was great to capture these moments.  Tim and Athena ended their wedding day with food, drink and lots of family and friends who danced the night away.  Thank you for allowing us to capture these photographs.    


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