Craig and Cindy - Lover's Point Park in Pacific Grove, California

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I was lucky enough to meet Craig and Cindy from a local bridal show in Monterey and they were impressed with the unique photojournalistic approach R&R Photography prides itself on.  As explained at a local coffee shop in Monterey, where we followed up with them the next week, R&R Photography doesn’t mind being “politely ignored” as we love taking photographs as moments happen.  Often enough we ask brides and grooms on how they want to enjoy their wedding day and the most common response is to just live the moments and have someone photograph them as they are happening.  R&R Photography will sometimes “stage” photos as ensuring that light and photography composition is optimized but moreover, taking memorable photographs require anticipation.  With experienced wedding photography, R&R Photography knows where to be in the most likely wedding moments.

For example, on any particular wedding day, family and friends cry at emotional event like the first time you see the bride or groom, when exchanging vows and at first looks.  R&R Photography takes these moments and photographs them seamlessly and without disturbance.  As a result, the bride and groom will be pleasantly surprised when seeing the photograph but get just as emotional as there will now be a remembrance or keep sake to cherish forever.  We often achieve these photos with many photography tools such as professional DSLRs, a wide array of camera lenses and other tricks of the trade for photojournalistic wedding photography. 

Craig and Cindy enjoyed this immensely as their wedding day was filled with a beautiful backdrop of the Pacific Ocean and natural settings of Pacific Grove.  The special day began with family photos in the mid-morning and then Craig and Cindy greeted family and friends right before their intimate wedding ceremony.  Cindy had a longtime friend and band mate perform during the wedding ceremony which filled the air with pleasant and relaxing music.  In addition, she also had a very dear friend do a reading which brought an emotional smile to the bride and groom.  The ceremony then ended with a romantic kiss that would be any wedding photographer’s must-have shots.

The reception was nestled in Cannery Row with beautiful sunlight and busy weekend tourist shouting out “congratulations!” as Craig and Cindy walked the streets and entered the restaurants.  Close family and friends participated in the festivities as the bride and groom planned everything to a T.  It was a Pinterest dream but with a more artistic and subtle finish.  The food was delicious and the view was even more spectacular with local scuba divers and sail boats coasting the ocean.  We even saw sea otters enjoying some abalone.  Congratulations Craig and Cindy as we wish you a happy life together, forever.



Ron Reitz--Cincinnati(non-registered)
Wish I could have been there. Best wishes, Craig and Cindy!
We relive our special day every time we look at our pictures.....thank you so much Randy!
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