Our Photojournalist Approach

October 15, 2013  •  1 Comment

Most professional engagement and wedding photographers have a distinct style that they are trying to convey to create a unique viewpoint towards wedding photography.  Some of the most dated styles of photography include a traditional approach where the photographer will consistently pose the bride and groom as with other participants of the wedding.  Few and far in between, these photographers will tend to use photography techniques to even the exposure and provide a clear photo of portraiture.  Another sought out style of wedding photography includes photojournalism.  Many photojournalist will commonly take on wedding gigs on the side to supplement their income as a freelance photographer, but may not fully instill there expertise towards such an approach.  R&R Photography takes great preparation towards accomplishing their photojournalist approach.  

Many clients will ask about photojournalism and we creatively respond to “politely ignoring us (R&R Photography) and enjoy your wedding day.”  Our greatest strength is to take photos of the most unassuming moments of a wedding.  From the bride putting on the finishing touches before the wedding ceremony all the way to stolen moments of a reception, R&R Photography captures these memories with the coordination of both professional photographers, Randy and Ron.  Often enough, I would follow the bride throughout the wedding day, as Ron would follow the groom.  On many occasions, R&R Photography will also switch our assignments to break up any monotony of routines but to also pick out vantage points from where each photographer is located throughout the wedding.

Having a photojournalistic approach to wedding photography provides a great sense of preparation in order to be at the right place at the right time during a wedding.  R&R Photography communicates often with their clients to discuss timelines, locations and overall flow of the day.  This prepares us on how to anticipate special moments.  For example, R&R Photography often attends the wedding rehearsal of their brides and grooms so they may meet family and friends but to also get a first look on how the procession and recession is organized.  As a result, the professional photographers of R&R Photography can place themselves in the most ideal locations for intimate photo opportunities such as the groom seeing his bride for the very first time.

These are what makes the moments of a wedding day so special.  To have experienced wedding photographers anticipate the moments of a wedding and to capture them honestly and as it happens is highly valued for a bride and groom looking for more than candid and formal photographs.  No script, no re-do, no problem.  Randy and Ron of R&R Photography have been taking this approach to wedding photography for the past five years and past clients have raved about the intimate connection of our wedding photographs to the actual event/memory.  Should these types of photographs be of value to you, please don’t hesitate in contacting R&R Photography for your wedding.  


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