Jesus and Cienna - The Perry House, Monterey, California

October 29, 2013  •  1 Comment

I think it's easy to shoot in a beautiful setting such as the Perry House in Monterey.  The property alone has a lot of historical sense and the interior design is very charming.  The house is nestled on a hill that overlooks Fisherman's Wharf.  Although, what really made the Perry House a home was the love that Cienna and Jesus brought.  In celebration of their 10 year anniversary, Jesus and Cienna wanted an exclusive amount of family and friends to really celebrate their renewing of vows.  The ceremony was in the backyard area of the Perry House under the Indian Summer sun of Monterey.  Attendees witnessed how two people renew their love for one another through ritual and sharing their favorite poem.  The personal touches of the ceremony really connected with the family and friends as Jesus and Cienna have a beautiful love story to live and tell.  Their children were also their maid of honor and best man.  Rightfully so, but I'm sure their family vacation to Disneyland the week after also had some pull with the kiddos. =)

Jesus and Cienna were delightful to meet since the first time we "Facebooked" and until now they consider me as a new friend.  Their warmth and complimentary personalities are proof why they are such good people to know and to shoot for.  Throughout their celebration, I over heard how loving and compassionate both Jesus and Cienna were.  During a time of of sharing, it seemed that everyone wanted their chance to speak on how grateful they are to have been a part of Jesus and Cienna's lives.  

Shooting an anniversary event has a similar feel to shooting a wedding, but there are some special moments that can't be captured in a wedding than with an anniversary, 10 year anniversary to that fact.  History, is that ingredient.  A 10 year anniversary celebration has that message of "We've been around enough to know a few things".  It was a great experience to capture that moment and to wonder why not more people celebrate this monumental occasion.  One can imagine the peaks and valleys a husband and wife would endure throughout their marriage.  Way pass their "cupcake stage", a husband and wife of their magnitude required an unconditional love to devote toward themselves, each other and through their children and beyond.

The day was close to perfect as they imagined.  From getting ready upstairs at the Perry House, their daughter was perfectly positioned for a timeless photo of her getting ready all the way to the end of the day where it seemed the party can last way past their "visiting hours".  The photographs made that day were instant classics because Cienna and Jesus were so hospitable and open for me to really create their day expressively and honestly.  So that's what really made the Perry House a home, even for a day.  The inviting feeling of Jesus and Cienna celebrating their 10 year anniversary with close family and friends and myself with R&R Photography to capture the day's memories and events.  Thank you again Jesus and Cienna for the  honor of photographing your day.  I hope these pictures help you relive this celebration and bring you a smile on how the next anniversary celebration will be.  This is really when your moments should be noticed.


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Beautifully said and BEAUTIFUL pictures! It was a great day for sure!!!
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