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Wedding receptions has lots of life to it.  Imagine already a day filled with laughter, love and tears of joy from the beginning of the day up to the ceremony.  Most weddings should begin with a professional wedding photographer with each bride and groom. We cover their day getting ready with makeup and hair but also with the close family and friends tending to their needs.  This can be a stressful time if no time tables have been set, but moreover each couple knows where they have to be at the start of the ceremony.  Once the ceremony is underway, the procession begins and all the major participants are ready to go.  The bride and groom take the stage and are forever linked through marriage.  After formal family and wedding entourage photos inside the church, R&R Photography usually whisks their bride and grooms to another location to take a more intimate approach to wedding photography.



Then here comes the reception.  The relief one must feel after the pre-ceremony and ceremony is unimaginable.  Everyone now wants to party!  This is where we take a small break and get ready to what’s to come; introductions, first dance, father/daughter and mother/son dance, speeches and prayers, bouquet and garter toss and cake cutting.  Whew!  So what’s our favorite part of shooting a reception?  Well, two things; shooting candid photos and stolen moments.  I personally love taking candid photos.  I enjoy interacting with the guests and taking their photos.  They know exactly who I am (two dslrs side to side) and what I’m there to do.  “So do you mind if I take a photo of you two (all of you)?”  Who says no, right? Lol.

The second thing I love about shooting receptions are capturing these “stolen moments”.  These are moments of joy and happiness but also interesting in composition and exposure.  It ties into the photojournalistic approach mentioned in last week’s blog but still holds true here.  R&R Photography then goes into stealth mode and observes what’s going on in the reception room.  The more interesting moments happen when you least expect them so experience is the best resource.  I always find the bar to be a good start.  There’s always a party there.

Receptions are fun to shoot for R&R Photography.  Our personalities and skills to capture the right photos at the right time give us a great advantage to be a part of the fabric of a reception.  The results are great photos that you can remember with as the years go by.  Think of R&R Photography when booking your wedding or referring to your family and friends.

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