Happy Holidays

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While I have much more to blog about from this past wedding season, the last couple of weeks have gotten me into the Christmas spirit.  As a guy, it probably started with all the NFL football games on Thanksgiving with all the food and drink and with the recent cold weather.  None the less, it's great to see family and friends that I may not see on a normal basis.  Through the success of having a photography business, my weekends are filled months ahead limiting me to visit long distances other than blocking these dates out in the first place.  My sister and her family live in Bakersfield and we make an entire weekend of celebrating birthdays and starting the Christmas spirit.  We even have a White Elephant gift exchange and the children gets to open their presents.  On top of all the food and drink one may consume, the entire home is filled with warmth and laughter.  Most of the photos you see in the blog are from that weekend.

Oddly enough, there is quiet time to talk and catch up about the last times we seen each other and how the children are growing up.  This really sets in as reminders of how we were children and now managing adulthood.  My brother and sister are blessed to be married with children and the exciting part of family vacations are the destinations to new places.  In addition to all the fun holiday cheer, no one should be surprised that the best photographer in the family should set up at production for some proper holiday photos.  Year after year, we have carried this tradition.  Hopefully, this may inspire others to create their own family traditions even if this would be the actual first year to do so.  

So in the spirit of the holidays through the frigid cold (of California), I wish you happy holidays and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  You may also hear some news of marriage proposals this season and many happen more than any other year.  Should you do so, don't hesitate in sending them may way.  So again from our ohana to yours all the best and have a safe and restful holiday season.




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