Fred and Sulema

April 23, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

When meeting Fred and Sulema you may think they are another couple looking forward to getting married, when in fact like many relationships that come to this point their love story has many layers.  Through peaks and valleys both were able to overcome what other relationships may have been faced with.  Instead, Fred and Sulema were able to nurture their love for one another and start the next chapter of their lives.  Together they make a beautiful couple and have a great bond.  Through out their engagement shoot, we can see a sense of family that will be instilled long after the wedding.  Their son showed his presence through out the day doing what young boys do; galavanting, playing with others and even sneaking to get a quick photo with mom and dad.  At the end of the day, breaking bread with Fred and Sulema's family was also joy.  We all laughed at jokes, talk stories and enjoyed everyone's company.  Like all engagement shoots, R&R Photography takes these moments to really get to know the bride and groom and relive the times of how they met, how they fell in love and how they decided to live together in matrimony.  


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