1000 Reached in a Post and 900+ FB Likes

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On behalf of Ron and myself, we would like to thank everyone for support and praise we have received since starting our photography business in 2008.  Since then, we have come across wonderful people who love our style of wedding photography and had exceptional feedback from past brides, grooms, family and friends.  In addition, the folks that decided not to book with R&R Photography had expressed their own remorse wishing what could have been.  

With our brand of customer service, we stay engaging, entertaining and energetic. Enough E's for you!  R&R Photography definitely wants to under promise and over deliver!  We want our brides and grooms to know that our lines of communication is always open and love to hear how they envision their special day.  With that, R&R Photography then incorporates their creativity to our own.  The result is personalized wedding photographs that show the honesty of their day.

Secondly, our style of photography is a nice blend of editorial work, documentary compositions and candids.  Ron usually uses longer focal length lenses to capture the day, similar to covering sporting events and concerts.  He captures those stolen moments of when the bride or groom isn't necessarily looking at the photographer.  They know he's there but his style really becomes stealth in times of joy and happiness.  Along with my approach of documenting the day with shorter focal lenses, I have more of a sweeping landscape that shows an intimate outlook towards the subject.  With my outgoing personality, I'm more likely to do the talking and giving directions of how the day should unfold.  Lastly, we both love candids!  Imagine the reception with two wedding photographers taking photographs of people dancing and having a good time.  Don't be surprised to see us sing every song during the reception! =)

Within this year, we have reached over 1000 people with our Facebook posts and currently have more than 900 people hitting "like" on our Facebook fan page.  We want to express our gratitude and humility to you all.  Often enough people ask why we have been so successful and our response comes too quickly with setting the stage on our approach to customer service and our style of photography. Thank you again and all the best.

~Randy and Ron; R&R Photography

R&R Photography with Randy Fenoli from Say Yes to the Dress


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