Rudy and Melissa - Salinas Church Wedding

January 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Meeting Rudy and Melissa early last year was a fun experience.  As a young couple ready to get married, they truly had an amazing love story on how they met and how their relationship matured through the next few years.  As I’m sure we can all agree that every relationship has their peaks and valleys and lessons gained and learned.  They were no exception and yet their love continues to flourish way past their wedding day and their chemistry between each other becomes more apparent with these professional engagement and wedding photographs. 

Often enough with engagement shoots, we love to collaborate with our bride and groom to choose the best locations and establish a good theme for their photo session.  I usually ask what would be their ideal response from family and friends who may see the pictures and go from there.  While R&R Photography enjoys our local spots in the Monterey Bay area, it isn’t stretch to travel farther to meet our client’s needs and expectations.  Rudy and Melissa were very open to the idea of traveling to San Francisco to not only take in the sites but to have us tag along and take these amazing photographs of them.  Everyone had a great time hanging out and just talking about all the wedding planning ahead.  We even ended up at one of my favorite spots, Nation’s, as I often ate their cheeseburgers during my undergraduate days at San Francisco State University.

From the start of the wedding, R&R Photography was there with all the pre-ceremony details.  I met up with Melissa at a local hair salon in Salinas and met her mother and a few of her bridesmaids and maid of honor.  It was a fun jump off to the day as we laughed and had fun with taking photographs.  By the end of the session, Melissa was dolled up and looked beautiful as ever.  She was definitely a gorgeous bride anxiously preparing for her special day.  On another side of town, Rudy was also getting ready with his family and groomsmen.  From my second shooter and assistant, it sounded like they were having their own fun in celebrating a momentous chapter in their lives.  With most weddings we have the opportunity to photograph; it’s much more than just a bride and groom getting hitched, but more of two sets of family joining together.

The ceremony was held at Madonna Del Sasso Church in Salinas with a full mass ceremony.  The only limitation we faced was the limitation of photographs as requested by the pastor who was very vocal about where we should be.  While these limitations aren’t fun for R&R Photography, we do respect them and communicate with our bride and groom.  In the end, the wedding ceremony was just as serene and even had a good moment of laughter as Rudy and Melissa mocked a wedding kiss by kissing each other on the cheek rather than the lips at first.  Laughter filled the church and everyone came together for professional family photos afterwards.

Overall, it was another successful wedding shot by R&R Photography and our clients are in love with the photographs we captured.  If you are interested in booking with R&R Photography, please don’t hesitate to call or text me at (831) 540-5087.  I’d love to hear from you! =)


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