Sakay Family Photos - Candlestick Park, San Francisco

January 28, 2014  •  2 Comments

I always believed my professional photography would open new opportunities for me.  Within the last five years I have been blessed with shooting more than 100 portrait sessions, engagements and weddings that extends beyond the Monterey Bay and have met a lot of good people that resulted in being friends and/or has continued to utilize me for their professional photography needs.  Last week was no exception as the Sakay Family from Salinas, California inquired for a family portrait session.  It was a couple years since I took photographs of their family and with a new addition; they were certainly due to update some new family portraits.  So when Lydia Sakay called me a few weeks ago I jumped on the opportunity to do some great work for returning clients.  I was already excited to see them again and catch up but this family portrait became really special as the location was at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.  Like many Niner fans, the wounds have not fully healed as losing to divisional rivals is never an easy pill to swallow.  In addition, Candlestick Park is no longer the home of our beloved San Francisco 49ers, so the nostalgia of championship football and NFL football glory will soon come to a physical destruction.  It was definitely something to look forward to and ultimately taking my professional photography to a new milestone.

            From the start of the tour, just looking at Candlestick looked like an historic monument and being built in the 1950’s one can imagine the resources available in constructing something the entire San Francisco Bay Area and many more can embrace.  The Sakay family was definitely Niner-fitted as they knew what they were getting into and prepared for another family treasure.  With a few snaps in the luxury boxes and team locker room, the peak of the experience was standing on that football field and end zone.  I touched the field and looked up to the bleachers and upper deck and was in awe with my surroundings.  For a moment, I forgot why I was there in the first place as the feeling of San Francisco Giants and 49er greatness happened on that field.  Once I snapped back into reality, I was able to take some great family portraits of the Sakay family. 

            It was a great experience in many facets; I was able to do what I love and photograph people, traveling back to San Francisco and also reflecting on historic events that happened in Candlestick Park.  Professional photography has been a great outlet for me and I’m excited to service my clients through my talents and craft.  It is upon these experiences that remind me of why dedicating one life’s work is such a satisfying approach to life.  A special thank you to the Sakay family for allowing me this opportunity as I know it doesn’t happen often.  So the next time you are looking for a professional photographer, please don’t hesitate in emailing me at [email protected].  I look forward to hearing from you.


australian writings(non-registered)
I'm on the chase for these things, and it gives me more reason to what exactly I'm shooting. What's more, it's a ton of enjoyable to perceive what I can do with even the most exhausting of telephones, bicycles and trees! Along these lines, pick a subject (or two) and take the plunge. Furthermore, recollect, topics don't need to be strong articles.
David Viado(non-registered)
Nice captures of the Sakay family; Matthew, my Godson, and of course the famed Candlestick Park! San Francisco will never be the same!
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