Mike and Colette - Wedgewood - Carmel Valley

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Within the past couple years, pinboard-style photo-sharing website, Pinterest has been a gift in many ways.  Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love.  Millions of people use Pinterest in their lives and work.  Ultimately, in my profession, as made a powerful impact in the modern wedding industry.  It has educated and refined brides and grooms so now they have examples of how they envision their engagement and wedding day.  Often enough, brides will share their boards and favorite detailed shot which is great for me as a professional wedding photographer.  Not only can I now listen to how my clients envision their wedding but also see some examples through Pinterest.  As a caveat, I don’t even attempt to mimic an exact replica of the photo but use them as inspiration to how I approach wedding photography.  The result is a nice dovetail of Pinterest inspired engagement and wedding photographs and still originally created by R&R Photography.

I instantly enjoyed meeting Colette a year ago when she was deciding on her engagement and wedding photographer.  One of the first things she said after I asked for the wedding date was, “I hope it doesn’t rain.”  Immediately I knew that she has done her “wedding photography homework” and was eager on choosing the best professional photographer for Mike and her.  We met at a local coffee shop and showed her a couple of sample wedding albums and answered all her questions and concerns.  I think it was a couple weeks later and I was booked.  From then on and past her wedding day, I continue to communicate with her at every facet of my wedding photography business.  I often get those thank you emails from past clients for just my promptness to responding to emails. 

The day of Mike and Colette’s wedding started with beautiful weather.  It didn’t rain at all with a month in advance.  My team and I arrived late morning and were eager to get started.  Preceremonial photos are by far my favorite part of the day but there isn’t any other part of the day that I enjoy less of.  I definitely have more opportunities to get creative with precermony photos as the bride and her bridesmaids are happy to start the day with taking photos.  They can watch me take creative and beautiful photos of the wedding dress, the bride’s shoes and wedding rings.  I often show them these photographs immediately to get their feedback.  Colette and her girlfriends loved them!  After that, I knew my A game was on and my confidence was ready for the day’s events.

Colette and Mike’s first look was just as magical.  I won’t give you all the details, but there was love, laughter and tears… from more than just one person.  Another indication that today’s wedding is going to be special.  We whisked off from the hotel to Wedgewood in Carmel.  It’s great to shoot there often during the wedding season as the staff there is excellent with customer service.  Again not a cloud in the sky and Colette and Mike had a beautiful wedding at the gazebo with their banquet room overlooking a gorgeous California landscape.  The day was filled with many more photo opportunities from the actual wedding kiss to family formal portraits to candids during the wedding reception.  Our thanks and appreciation goes out to Mike and Colette for having R&R Photography as your engagement and wedding photographers.  We wish all the best and congratulations again.   


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Beautiful dress, jewelry and make up equipment is the most important part of a woman’s life which make her attractive to the men. I am very pleased to see the woman in these pictures whose dress is also looking beautiful.
Maryann O'Hern(non-registered)
Congratulations! The pictures are awesome! A Lovely couple. Wishing you both years of happiness!
Lori Chavez(non-registered)
OMG!!! You look like a movie star! So happy for this day to come...so happy Mike is part of our family now!! Best wishes to the both of you!! Love, Mom
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Very very beautiful!!
Nichole Massa(non-registered)
Amazing!! Beautiful!!
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