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With a few good months under me with this whole blog, I've come to my own assumption that I don’t really think anyone is listening.  This is perfectly okay.  I’d like to think that no one is reading so that I may be able to just write for myself and still share my knowledge, experience and photographs with the world.

I can also add some sharing of my own journalism.  In college, I was able to take time and write and it would be nice to revisit that necessary chore.  So to change things up and add more of a personal touch to taking photographs, these are a few I’d like to share with you this week. 

RanPostadan Photography On a Saturday morning when I’m not shooting a wedding or engagement I enjoy walks on the beach.  Cliché right?  Instead of going in that cold Monterey Bay water, I like to take the best photographs I can at that given time.  If I’m traveling with my friends more over than not we’ll arrive a few hours after estimated time so anticipating unexpected events is part of the photography equation of the day.   With a fast cold front approaching the overcast give some mercy with the harsh sun hidden for just enough time for me to take this quick snap (1/2500 for those guessing my EXIF data). 

I love sunsets so it’s always great to have a camera in my hand and take a fantastic photograph of each moment’s pleasure.  On this particular day, I took my family to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and I was already shutter-tired at taking photographs with crowds of people.  The sunset provides a great backdrop to just expose of the sky and let everything else just beautifully fade away.  In addition to taking a landscape photo with a portrait orientation, the other fun part to this photo was anticipating on seeing the shades of blue at the back of my camera.  It was great to feel that I nailed a shot.

RanPostadan Photography

The Monterey Bay provides various measures of landscape and basic street photography.  It’s easy to take a willing body and go for a walk through your neighboring town.  The photograph of Kayla was taken in the city of Monterey off of Lighthouse Ave.  The color of the wall is pleasingly bright so I asked my little girl to strike a pose and she did!  You can find some great shutterbug spots if you know what to look for.  I’m a big fan of looking for leading lines in framing my composition.  It’s an easy tool to help viewers appreciate a good photograph.

5/305/30RanPostadan Photography

As you come through life you come across good friends so it’s important to include them in your life’s photo album.  I hired Nick from the east coast and we have been chums since day 1.  This portrait shows the sincere joy and positive energy he has for life and seeking the truth.  I liked him even more when we came to share our favorite author is Jack Kerouac.  In time, we also had the opportunity to create together in writing a book, Something to Start.  Nick now has his own show and is on live Friday nights.  You can catch him here.

RanPostadan Photography

This last photo is a culmination of how a photograph may be interpreted.  The photo includes magnificent photographs of the evolution of Earth with specific time in a series of events.  In addition, the connectivity to a small family plus the vertical leading lines helps with the composition of this picture.



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