Julio + Rebecca, In the Heart of Home - Salinas, CA

March 18, 2014  •  1 Comment

            R&R Photography receives customer referrals often.  Even with the couples we meet at bridal shows, Google searches, and other marketing efforts, past brides have been our biggest fans.  They rave about us to family and friends and it makes me feel that much more important as a professional photographer.  The fun part is I get to see it for myself mostly through popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.  It’s great how within the last few years hashtags have been so popular.  Simply think of a unique title and put a hashtag in front of it and there you have it!  It’s like your own online digital wedding album and the best part that it’s free.  I often go back to those hashtags and post a couple of post-edited photos to share with family and friends.  Well, this wedding was no different in the sense that I met Rebecca and Julio from a past bride and groom.  I take great pride when this happens because it lets me know that I’m doing a great job and providing a service that only last for once in a lifetime.

            Normally when I meet with clients looking to hire me as an engagement and wedding photographer I bring a couple of sample wedding albums and really just actively listen to how they envision their wedding day.  I know I can talk a lot, so that’s why I make sure I shut up and just listen.  After a couple cups of coffee with Rebecca and finally meeting Julio, I got to answer all their concerns and finally we were excited to make the match.  I was eager to shoot their wedding because it was in my hometown Salinas.  I grew up here and have fond memories as a child so it’s not hard for me to find so much beauty in the largest city in Monterey County.  To create beautiful and memorable photographs is so important and yet one can have an artistic approach to it with wedding photography.

            With the wedding day starting with overcast, it provided good light for those wedding detail shots.  Rebecca and her girls were getting ready nearby and with a little trust, I was able to take a few worthy items and begin taking some commercial-like macro shots of her jewelry.  Her shoes looked great and from doing enough weddings I know when I see a pair that stands out.  With a traditional church wedding mass, Rebecca and Julio scooted to Sacred Heart in Salinas with rituals of prayer and marriage.  After mass and a few traditional wedding photographs, we then headed to a Salinas landmark.  Don’t let the newly repaired and painted large yellow hats distract you, but Sherwood has some great willow trees and is a go-to locale when shooting in Salinas.  Congratulations again to Julio and Rebecca who have given me great praise and encouragement after seeing their wedding photographs.  It’s truly and honor and blessing to be a part of their wedding day and to create these moments of their life with photographs.


If you are interested in my style of wedding photography, please don’t hesitate in emailing me at [email protected] or call at 831-540-5087.  Texts work for me too! =)


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