My Time at WPPI

March 11, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I don’t even know how to start this week’s blog as there were so many things happening since I last wrote.  It’s the busy of being good and successful, right?  In this past month alone, I have met with a dozen brides and grooms and family members interested in having R&R Photography as their engagement and wedding photographers.  As a result every Saturday in June is booked!  Also many of my recent bookings have been from customer referrals, so that makes me even more jazzed.  There have been many blessings since the New Year.  I have come to learn many lessons in photography and photography business. As an aspiring artist, it’s important to find the lessons of refinement.  There’s always room to improve and attending the premier conference and expo for Wedding and Portrait photographers (WPPI) was a good leap forward.  I wanted to see the best of the best from around the world and in the United States and they were going to be in Las Vegas! 

The great thing about meeting the most elite wedding photographers is a simple approach and giving them a good firm handshake.  I got to meet my favorite photographers like Scott Robert Lim, Lindsay Adler, Yervant and Cliff Mautner, who received the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award.  Another great thing that happened was looking at all the beautiful wedding albums they had on display from a wide array of printing companies.  I definitely could see my wedding photography in those albums and can’t wait to incorporate them in my wedding packages.  With the past wedding off-season, I took more interest in curating my wedding photographs as creating wedding albums are also a favorite of mine. Geeky enough, I enjoy organizing the photos chronologically and telling a wedding story through an artist’s eyes.  As I review photographs from the great one I mentioned, I also notice how they tell their love story through photographs.  It’s great to see other people from across the world doing the same thing I do and better!  With every wedding being different, my experience has told me to understand more of the approach and philosophy to wedding photographs and less about the technical details.  At this point in my profession, I know it’s more about how you take a great photograph and much less about the brand on your neck strap. 

So much is said when you’re your own worst critic.  You always think of how much more it can be better.  In light of that, knowing that there is so much recognition from past brides and grooms and their family and friends who have enjoyed your photography, the passion of being better is a great feeling to have.  And that’s great as I should continue to refine my style of wedding photography and look forward to capture these unforgettable moments in a lifetime.  Going to this year’s WPPI in Las Vegas was a great affirmation to when doing what you love you’ll never feel like you’re working a day in your life.


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