Jeffrey and Alison. Their wedding in Carmel, California.

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I’m a little lost for words when comes to breath-taking views, sun-kissed days and photographing a wedding all at the same time.  Sometimes I literally pinch myself when I’m in that very same moment.  I’ll also do a funny dance if the sun is setting beautifully.  So when I met Jeff and Alison for the first time, I had a lucky feeling we’ll be meeting again.  Let me also back track a bit as I was introduced through a referral.  I photographed a wedding in 2013 where I first met Alison’s sister, Melissa.  Since the moment we met, Melissa had me pegged as the professional wedding photographer that loves to shoot candids.  Along with the bride and groom, she was definitely a highlight of the wedding day. She was so sweet and funny as she could see us out of the corner of her eyes.  I couldn’t take a photo without Melissa shooting me clever smile or candid.  And that’s how I came to know Alison and Jeff.  
Like most brides and grooms I come across with they don’t mind a wedding photographer who quietly covers the day with simplicity and fluidity.  Jeff and Alison planned their wedding in just the same fashion.  With a gorgeous Monterey Bay view from Ribera Beach in Carmel and an intimate amount of family and close friends in attendance, everyone was ready to see these two get married.  As I photographed their wedding, it wasn’t too hard to catch their emotions of happiness and love as they didn’t hesitate in letting my cameras and lenses tell their story.  As family and friends gathered for the group photo, I overheard cheers of joy.  A tale-true sign of a love.  Some also sticked around to get a glimpse of Jeff and Alison taking some photos where they had their first date.  They weren’t shy shouting a few, “woo-hoo” at the newly weds.
When it came to the wedding reception and dinner, family and friends of Jeff and Alison enjoyed the sunset at Il Forniao in Carmel.  With a lucious patio deck overlooking the beach and sky it set a majestic backdrop to end the wedding day.  Thank you to Jeff and Alison again for the opportunity to shoot your wedding.  I’m blessed to have met you two and wish you continued happiness and love for the rest of your lives together.  All the best from Randy with R&R Photography.



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