Ryan and Kathleen's Wedding in Carmel, California

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There’s something that had to be said with photographing the most beautiful wedding repetitively.  I don’t know if every wedding photographer has this experience but it’s the essence of wedding photography when the photographer loves what he or she is taking photographs of.  The photographs within this blog and showcase of Ryan and Kathleen’s wedding have been one of many favorites of mine because of their cool demeanor and just the relaxation of enjoying their wedding day.  It’s kind of the secret to success when having the perfect wedding day.  R&R Photography has a photojournalistic approach to wedding photography where the bride and groom get to just live in each moment during their wedding day.  We love to capture those moments.

When we arrived at Mission Ranch in Carmel to prepare for Kathleen and Ryan’s wedding it was a pleasant surprise to see our good buddy, Clint Eastwood, signing some autographs and taking a couple of snaps with our military men.  With a start like that, we knew this wedding was going to be very special.  My prior communication with Kathleen and her mother, Mary, were all through email and an initial call.  Mary was emailing me from Wisconsin!  So it was great to finally meet them in Monterey a couple days prior to the wedding.  Kathleen was so “California cool” with everything.  She made her expectations clear and it fit with everything that I wanted to do as a professional wedding photographer.  Everyone couldn’t be more excited about what was about to happen.

We arrived at Carmel Mission Ranch where it has spectacular views of Point Lobos, Carmel River Beach and the Pacific Ocean.  The weather was absolutely beautiful.  Not a cloud in the sky and bright!  It was a surprisingly warm Spring day.  Ryan and Kathleen enjoyed their wedding day with close family and friends nestled in the heart of Monterey Bay.  I got to photography Kathleen as she was preparing with her Maid of Honor and bridesmaids while the rest of the team was hanging out with Ryan and the guys.  It was such a great experience taking these wonderful wedding photographs.  There were lots a personal detail in the wedding that we were able to capture and have it compliment to the entire wedding. 

Ryan and Kathleen’s wedding was a great jump off to the 2014 wedding season.  It’s been a great few weeks as we were able to experience 6 beautiful weddings every Saturday for 6 weeks.  Wow is right!  It’s been fun and I have had a wonderful time taking such amazing photographs of brides and grooms and their family and friends.  I’m overwhelmed with all the warm welcomes and have enjoyed every moment.  Thank you for all the support and praise with R&R Photography.  Please don’t hesitate in emailing me at [email protected] to discuss your professional photography needs.

Beginning of end of ceremonyBeginning of end of ceremony


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